Our Little Human

2 doberman and a 4 year old

Dobermans and Children

Knowing More about Dobermans and Children

The Princess and her faithful pooches!
2 doberman and a 4 year old
The Princess and her faithful pooches!

Have you heard horror stories about Dobermans and children? Well, you can reassure yourself with the fact that the average Doberman is a very protective dog. You may find rare cases, where a dog suffers from behavior problems and does not like children, but that is going to be found in any dog or cat breed for that matter.   Like any animal a Doberman’s behavior is a reflection on how the dog was raised and handled.   A Doberman is going to consider children to be the puppies in the pack.

It knows how valuable they are to the pack. That is why it is going to protect the children of the family.  Arya and Nico are both constantly watching and listening for the smallest of queues.  I don’t want to label them as ‘guard dogs’ because that isn’t their job.  They are however family pets that live for attention, affection, love and they will protect their family in order to get those things.  Keep in mind when I say protect I don’t mean run over and bite you because they have never seen you before, I mean they are going to make sure they get to greet you first.  Your personal space will most likely get violated for a moment while them smell you and see how the family reacts to your presence.

Dobermans and children – the protective instinct

Your Dobermans need to be included in any rough-and-tumble games from the beginning, this way your Dobe is going to understand that this is part and parcel of human pack behavior. In the same manner, you need to “introduce” your acquaintances to your Doberman so that it understands that these people are also part of your pack. It is also going to recognize and understand this “play” activity, being done by all the human “puppies” of the pack.

The Doberman Breed – Best Breed Suited To Be A “Nanny” Dog

The better way of putting this is probably ‘Nanny’s Helper’.  I have had dogs all my life and so has my little princess.  At 4 years old she is still not at an age where I can comfortably leave her alone with the dogs.  If I go outside and my daughter is in the house the dogs or my daughter come with me… well if we are being honest usually all of them come with me.  In our family I am the ‘alpha’ which causes me to have 2 Dobe shadows constantly.


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