First Doberman Selfie Together

What are your thoughts on these beautiful dogs?

Google’s definition

a large dog of a German breed with powerful jaws and a smooth coat, typically black with tan markings.

Although this definition is true, it paints the wrong picture of the breed and what they truly are.  I welcome you to “The Dobe Duo” a place for me to share stories of my family including our 2 Dobermans Nico & Arya.  My soon to be husband and I are exhausted with the stereo typing this breed still gets to this day.  I’m way past the point of being entertained when people cross the street to avoid walking past my very well behaved and affectionate pooches.

Our family consists of 6:
> Myself (the queen)
> My soon to be husband (the king)
> Our daughter (the princess)
> Nico (a 5 year old male European Doberman)
> Arya (a 2 year old female American Doberman)
> Tanner (an 8 year old American Quarter Horse)

Check back often for stories and encounters of this DUO!


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